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Cinemascope - Issue 42 - Spring 2010 issue 42 by Mark Peranson (Editor and Publisher)

By Mark Peranson (Editor and Publisher)

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No, no, don't say another word! I know at a glance what you need! " My master scratched absently at his left eyebrow. " The half dozen newcomers each said a few words. Four of them were part-time students, not far along the way with their studies. The fifth was a professor, also dressed in red. However, it was there that his similarity to Snorphosio ceased. His name was Zimplitz. He was stocky where Snorphosio was thin and shouted when the other professor muttered. "I am in charge of all the practical field magic," he concluded.

From The Teachings of Ebenezum, Volume XXII Vushta was gone. We stood on the rocky shore of the Inland Sea and stared at the spot where once the greatest city in all the world had reached its towers to touch the sky. How could an entire city simply vanish? I had looked forward all my short life to visiting Vushta, city of a thousand forbidden delights, where great knowledge and great temptation go hand in hand. How I had longed to see the great University of Wizards, and walk the whole length of the Grand Bazaar, and, just perhaps, skirt a corner of the Pleasure District, where, it is whispered, brave men had yielded to their baser drives and had never been seen again.

It was a hat, probably used for practical demonstrations. I looked back at the chart. How easy was this magic to do? Maybe I could return to the others with something far more practical than books. The scriptwork around the pictures seemed to be a series of instructions for the production of flowers, scarves, and certain small animals. Again, there didn't seem to be anything of value here to our immediate problem. But, as long as I had the hat in my hand, what harm would it do to give the spells a try?

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