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Statics, Including Hydrostatics and the Elements of the by Horace Lamb, Sc.D., LL.D., F.R.S.

By Horace Lamb, Sc.D., LL.D., F.R.S.

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A suitable computational method has been used to find the points of intersection which would give the limits of integration. Obviously the limitation on the amplitude in the model has been removed and the growth rate is then calculated. 2. The growth rate for different frequencies in the range of the wave packet is represented by the broken curve. The growth rate for the restricted model (continuous curve) is also shown for comparison. 2. Computed growth rates. but there is an important change to be noted: the peak in the growth rate for the unrestricted model is almost three times the background level while in the previous case it is only twice the undisturbed growth rate.

Barium releases provide a means for testing our understanding of ionospheric plasma dynamics by introducing controlled perturbations. 1- 4 This work is devoted to the theory of plasma clouds which are sufficiently large to dominate the Pederson conductivity on lines of force which pass through the cloud and sufficiently high so that Ki = lIiA» 1. Figure 1 shows the model. OJ In these circumstances, the equations which describe the motion of Barium clouds reduce to V'lNV'l¢=V'lN'Eo aN ( 1) , o, at S (2 ) L where N = ndz corresponds to the Pederson conductivity.

12) gives a Tgrowth of the order of a second or somewhat less. We have thus found that the drift waves excited at the plasmapause may grow east-north-wards and tend to UNIVERSAL INSTABILITY ASSOCIATED WITH THE PLASMAPAUSE 53 convert very soon to the ion sound or Alfven waves. 4. MICROPULSATIONS AND THE PLASMAPAUSE We now discuss the observations which exhibit a close correlation between the plasmapause and micropulsations. 4 shows an 'example of closely spaced OGO-3 plasmapause crossings and Pc-l micropulsation events in terms of the local time-L coordinate system on the left panel, and in terms of the plasma density profile on the right panel.

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