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Brain Facts: A Primer on the Brain and Nervous System 6th by Society for Neuroscience

By Society for Neuroscience

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When produced in large amounts. These agents improve memory The first signs of progressive paralysis are usually seen in deficits temporarily and provide some symptomatic relief but do not the hands and feet. They include weakness in the legs, difficulty prevent progression of the disease. Several other approaches, such walking, and clumsiness of the hands when washing and dressing. as antioxidants, are being tested. Eventually, almost all muscles under voluntary control, including An exciting area of research is the introduction of AD- those of the respiratory system, are affected.

Currently approved treatments do not modify the course of Commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, amyotrophic lateral the disease and offer only temporary mitigation of some symptoms sclerosis (ALS) affects neurons that control voluntary muscle of AD, such as agitation, anxiety, unpredictable behavior, sleep movements such as walking. For reasons that are not completely disturbances, and depression. Five drugs have been approved by the understood, motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord begin to FDA to treat AD.

This avoid anger could be important to avoid cardiovascular damage. Society for Neuroscience stress | Brain Facts 33 Aging Neuroscientists believe that the brain All human behavior is determined by how well the brain’s can remain relatively healthy and fully functioning as it ages and communication systems work. Often a failure in the cascade of one that diseases cause the most severe decline in memory, intelligence, of these systems results in a disturbance of normal function. Such a verbal fluency, and other tasks.

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