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Ciba Foundation Symposium 148 - Molecular Control of

The numerous other kinds of blood cells present in the human physique are derived from multi-potential stem cells, that are precipitated to tell apart into one or one other mobilephone sort by means of the motion of regulatory proteins or progress elements. This quantity appears on the manner that binding of those proteins to express receptors factors adjustments in gene expression within the nucleus and the job of convinced enzymes within the cytoplasm, committing the telephone to a selected developmental pathway. additionally mentioned are lately validated scientific purposes and medical trials of latest suggestions.


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Biologically active IL-6 was produced by M1 cells treated with D-factor or la,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, but the amounts of IL-6 secreted into the culture medium were not enough to induce differentiation of M1 cells. Moreover, simultaneous addition of anti-IL-6 antibody did not suppress the differentiation of MI cells induced by D-factor or la,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3. Growth inhibitory factor for partially differentiated myeloid leukaemia cells We previously obtained a subline, Mm-A, from the monocytic leukaemia Mm-1 cell line which had been derived from spontaneously differentiated cells of a clonal line of M1 cells (Kasukabe et a1 1985).

It would seem to be a rather strange arrangement where differentiation is induced by the formation of more of a molecule that the cell is already making which is 22 Discussion not as efficient as the initiating agent. Furthermore, lipopolysaccharide does not induce differentiation in this subline but does induce the production of a lot of IL-6. If you add anti-IL-6 antibody to the system, it does not block the induction of differentiation by LIF. This evidence suggests that IL-6 does not mediate the differentiation-inducingaction of LIF.

The parent myeloblastic M1 cells can be induced to differentiate into macrophages by various compounds, including dexamethasone, 1a,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and D-factor, but these did not induce differentiation of the monocytic Mm-A cells. Butyrate was a potent inducer of differentiation of Mm-A cells and suppressed their growth, but it did not induce differentiation of M1 cells. These results suggested that the responses of leukaemic cells to the differentiation inducers might depend on the stage at which differentiation has been arrested.

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