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Ciba Foundation Symposium 6 - Pathogenic Mycoplasmas

Chapter 1 creation: ideas of ‘Mini?Life’ (pages 1–15): N. W. Pirie
Chapter 2 Mycoplasmas as Pathogens (pages 17–37): Leonard Hayflick
Chapter three comparability among the constitution of Animal and Plant Mycoplasmas: Extracellular and Intracellular Morphology (pages 39–66): Robert W. Horne
Chapter four Cytology of the Mycoplasmas (pages 67–91): Jack Maniloff
Chapter five Immunochemistry of Mycoplasma Membranes (pages 93–122): Samuel Razin, Itzhak Kahane and Judith Kovartovsky
Chapter 6 Macromolecular Synthesis and development of Mycoplasmas (pages 123–144): A. W. Rodwell, J. E. Peterson and E. Shirley Rodwell
Chapter 7 Isolation and Characterization of Mycoplasma Viruses (pages 145–164): R. N. Gourlay
Chapter eight Isolations of Mycoplasmas and Their speedy identity through Plate Epi?Immunofluorescence (pages 165–185): Michael F. Barile and Richard A. Delgiudice
Chapter nine Isolation and development of Citrus Mycoplasmas (pages 187–203): Pierre Saglio, Dominique Lafleche, Martine L'Hospital, Gaston Dupont and Joseph?Marie Bove
Chapter 10 present prestige of the Aetiology of Corn Stunt disorder (pages 205–225): R. E. Davis, R. F. Whitcomb, T. A. Chen and R. R. Granados
Chapter eleven Infectious Heredity in Drosophila paulistorum (pages 227–250): Lee Ehrman and R. P. Kernaghan
Chapter 12 Pathogenic Mycoplasmas in Rheumatoid Arthritis? (pages 251–262): M. H. Williams
Chapter thirteen The function of Mycoplasmas within the creation of Pneumonia within the Pig (pages 263–283): P. Whittlestone
Chapter 14 combined Infections: The interplay of Mycoplasmas and Malaria Parasites (pages 285–306): Joseph G. Tully and Teresa I. Mercado
Chapter 15 Pathogenesis of Mycoplasma pneumoniae an infection as Studied within the Human Foetal Trachea in Organ tradition (pages 307–327): Albert M. Collier
Chapter sixteen interplay among Mycoplasmas and breathing Viruses Studied in Tracheal Organ Cultures (pages 329–348): Sylvia E. Reed
Chapter 17 Cell?Mediated Immunity and the reaction to Mycoplasma Infections (pages 349–385): D. Taylor?Robinson, F. W. Denny, A. C. Allison, G. W. Thompson and Geraldine Taylor
Chapter 18 last feedback (pages 387–388): N. W. Pirie

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