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Chaos Avant-Garde: Memoirs of the Early Days of Chaos Theory by Ralph H. Abraham, Yoshisuke Ueda

By Ralph H. Abraham, Yoshisuke Ueda

A reference for the historical past of chaos conception, informed through the pioneers themselves, and 11 different authoritative contributions. offers a old creation to all the ideas of chaos idea.

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Chihiro Hayashi and Minoru Urabe are no longer with us and won't be able to dispute my account. In order to keep the context intact, however, I could not avoid telling this obviously one-sided story. As for Prof. Chihiro Hayashi, for sixteen long years, from my graduate student days to the day of his retirement, I received his guidance. He was the last of the true breed of Meiji Era imperial university professors in the Electrical Engineering Dept. of the School of Engineering, Kyoto University.

Do not help you. " I did not receive this kind of advice from Prof. Hayashi. Most of the data in the nonlinear research group reports were published by Prof. Hayashi at the international meetings, so I had to be careful not to duplicate his material. Around the time when the university was in turmoil with student protest, I sent a paper of my own for the first time, to the Journal of the Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineers, which had referees. The democratic atmosphere that prevailed on campus because of the protest might have prompted me to take this action.

Figure 4 was clearly an error, and the key to the correct answer was in these figures. I thought it through for several days, and figured it out also in numerical terms. This was my first encounter with the concept of heteroclinic point. Of 38 Chaos Avant-Garde: Memories of the Early Days of Chaos Theory course I did not know the term then. After several days, I was confident. I drew a rough sketch and presented it to Prof. Hayashi (Fig. 10). He did not agree with me immediately, but eventually did, and we decided to investigate all the cases in which subharmonic oscillation of order 1/3 appeared.

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