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Battle in the mind : a study on the renewing of your mind by Bill Basansky

By Bill Basansky

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I want you to note the word truth. Here Jesus is saying that He is the truth. " You pray in the Spirit, (in tongues) and you go through Jesus who is the Truth, to God the Father. And the answer comes from God the Father, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to your spirit that dwells in you. That is how you pray a perfect prayer. That's how you know your relationship with God the Father through the spirit. All of this happens firstly in your mind. You will have to surrender your mind, and say to God, "I bring my mind, I bring my intellect; I bring all my emotions and I give them to you, Jesus!

They are spiritually discerned" (I Corinthians 2:514). Now these men in the desert saw miracles. And I am sure that you have experienced miracles in your church. I am sure that you have seen people born again. I am sure you have seen people being healed. I am sure that you have seen the joy of the Lord come upon them. I am sure that you've seen people being touched by the power of God. I'm sure that you've seen these things happen in your own church, and praise God for that. But these men in the desert also saw miracles.

This is going to be your final examination. " I tell you, when they saw the Scriptures and realized how powerful and great the verses were, the students actually ran home from that place to study and memorize their songs. m. and he had learned the three songs overnight! He took authority over that demon that kept him from receiving the Word of God into his spirit. He took authority over his mind, and he sat there and learned it. " Bless God, he learned the three songs that I asked them to memorize — overnight!

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