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The Assyrian dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the by Martha T. Roth, A. Leo Oppenheim, Erica Reiner

By Martha T. Roth, A. Leo Oppenheim, Erica Reiner

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NUN ali BAL-it CT 39 47:22 (SB Alu); rubi mdssu BAL-[su] Thompson Rep. 264 r. 2, cf. 265:2, also RA 34 4:1 (Nuzi earthquake omens). : inima kibrdt arba'i istenis ib-baal-ki-tu-ni-in-ni RA 70 111:11 and 15; flil-bal- 5 nagi ... ib-bal-ki-tu-su-ma la imguru belussu Winckler Sar. pl. 32 No. 68:71; RN KAT ersetu rema let the womb of the earth rebel (may no grass come up) Lambert-Millard ummdnu BAL-su-ma Atra-hasis p. BHT pl. 12 ii 2; inu 108 r. iv 49, cf. ibid. 110 v 7; naphar matdtim ... [a]jabis [ib]-ba-al-ki-td- alu ina muhhi[u] it-ta-bal-kat ZA 51 134:23; an-ni-ma (var.

39, also AfO 14299:1 and 304:4 (Etana); kispisunu ... kima giSparri lib-balkit-[gu-nu-ti] AfO 18 294:73, wr. MES[su-nu-ti] PBS 1/1 13:35; kispu[sunu] [elif li-bal-ki-tu-ma Maqlu III 73, cf. kiSpii Junu lib-bal-ki-tu-si-nu-ti-ma Iraq 22 224 r. 6, cf. also AfO 18 293:57; lib-bal-ki-tu-maepisdti sunu libdru Maqlu VII 16. SIG5 BAL-it he will be remembered by his god Labat Calendrier § 33:13; [... ME§ (end of instruc- li-ba-al- tions to the bdrd) Boissier DA 212 r. 34; also Examenstext A, in lex. section.

99 r. 42, cf. ina simmilti ina kalbandti ina nikis duri ina na-bal-kdt-ti IM 67692:56 (tamitu, courtesy W. G. , in lex. section. : 3 kire ina qabalti dli u 4 ana na-bal-kat-ti a duri three orchards inside the city and four toward the ramp of the wall AnOr 92:61; 4000 agurru ... ina bit makkEcri Sa Eanna ina muhJhi na-bal-kat-ti ga abulli ... ana PN ... edu nabalkutu nabalkattu deliver four thousand bricks to PN in the depot of Eanna at the ramp of the city gate ribu ana na-bal-kat-ti an earthquake predicts BIN 1 126:8 (both NB); note na-ba-al-ka-at-ka lemutti §a sihi barti na-bal-k[at-ti] ana RN ...

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