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Creating Excellent Buildings: A guide for clients, 1st by Joanna Eley

By Joanna Eley

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Box 7: The principles of good urban and open space design A well-designed place has the following qualities: • Character – a place with its own identity • Continuity and enclosure – a place where public and private spaces are clearly distinguished • Quality of the public realm – a place with attractive and successful outdoor areas (that is, areas that are valued by people who use them or pass through them) • Ease of movement – a place that is easy to get to and move through • Legibility – a place that has a clear image and is easy to understand • Adaptability – a place that can change easily • Diversity – a place with variety and choice • Good microclimate – a place that fosters good local outdoor environment – sun, shade, wind CABE, By Design, London, 2002 Close Use the cursor keys to navigate between pages Press Escape to view in window Introduction 35 ignore; the location of a building, its design and construction, how energy is provided and used and the way the building will be used into the future.

For open space projects, the client team should include a landscape architect. If a non-design professional such as a cost consultant is the main client adviser, additional design input may be needed from an architect for key reviews of preliminary ideas and during competitive selection of the design teams 77. If there are several advisers, at least one should have design skills. Good ‘chemistry’ between the adviser and the in-house team is important. In some situations a client adviser, appointed at an early stage, effectively takes on the role of project manager for the first stage of the project.

In more complex situations and larger projects a number of people will be needed. An independent client adviser is generally part of even the smallest team. Prepare 58 < £500K The client acts as project sponsor, design champion and project manager. Use an independent client adviser. £1 - 5M The client team probably needs a project sponsor and a separate design champion. Use an independent client adviser. OGC’s Achieving Excellence Nº 3 Project Procurement Lifecycle, The Integrated Process, discusses how to make a plan that covers all aspects of carrying out a project.

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