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Corrosion Control NAVFAC MO-307 - US Navy

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In this way, the decision maker can be certain that all relevant information has been considered. A thorough treatment of sensitivity analysis can be found in Reference 3 (NAVFAC P-442, Chapter 7). 3 MAINTENANCE AND OPERATION. Justification of recurring maintenance and operation costs requires an economic analysis. Some costs can be directly measured and are more easily quantified using the economic process. Examples include the costs of acquisition and recurring maintenance. Some costs can not be measured directly and are more difficult to quantify, but still require documentation.

The tanks cannot be abrasively blasted because of local restrictions, and it will be necessary to prepare the steel surface for painting by power wire brushing. Using wire brushing to prepare the surface shortens the service lives of the coating systems. The service lives of the alkyd and epoxy systems are expected to be 5 and 6 years, respectively. 3-24 Alternatives 1. Continue applying a three-coat alkyd coating system. 2. Continue applying a three-coat epoxy coating system. This list is not exhaustive.

There exists some methods of risk analysis to analyze these costs. Risk analysis is covered briefly in Reference 3 (Chapter 7). 3 Cost of Initial Overdesign. Overdesign refers to increasing construction costs to prevent corrosion losses. The selection of corrosion-resistant metal, or the use of additional metal thickness to compensate for corrosion loss, are two examples of overdesign. Preventing unnecessary overdesign requires trade-off analysis between the cost of corrosion control versus the costs incurred when no prevention or control is practiced.

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