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Contentious Politics in North America: National Protest and by Jeffrey Ayres, Laura Macdonald (eds.)

By Jeffrey Ayres, Laura Macdonald (eds.)

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Making Capitalism Without Capitalists: The New Ruling Elites in Eastern Europe

Making Capitalism with out Capitalists bargains a brand new concept of the transition to capitalism. through telling the tale of the way capitalism is being outfitted with out capitalists in post-communist crucial Europe it publications us in the direction of a deeper realizing of the origins of recent capitalism.

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Marching Through Suffering: Loss and Survival in North Korea

Marching via affliction is a deeply own portrait of the ravages of famine and totalitarian politics in smooth North Korea because the Nineties. that includes interviews with greater than thirty North Koreans who defected to Seoul and Tokyo, the publication explores the subjective adventure of the nation's famine and its citizens' social and mental suggestions for dealing with the regime.

Carl Schmitt Today: Terrorism, "Just" War, and the State of Emergency

Few names, except that of Leo Strauss, are invoked extra usually whilst discussing the yankee reaction to terrorism lately than that of Carl Schmitt. Schmitt, who used to be a part of the German institution of political notion referred to as the 'Conservative Revolution,' is largely considered as having been one of many maximum felony minds of the 20 th century.

The Politics of Jesus. Vicit Agnus noster, 2nd edition

A customary in lots of faculties and seminaries, Yoder makes a powerful case for the Anabaptist view of Jesus radical critique of society in addition to for an severe, even though pacifistic involvement.

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This is because it is supply that drives the economy, not demand. Rather, cuts in taxes should be directed toward the wealthy and business to induce savings and investments. Stephen McBride 19 In addition to a policy agenda favoring generous tax relief to capital, supply-siders are concerned with labor-market flexibility and ensuring that welfare benefits do not act as a disincentive to work. They believe that generous social benefits produce disincentives to work and that trade unions create monopolies of labor, forcing up the price of wages.

It privileged national economies and their industrial bases (Duménil and Lévy 2001: 585–588; Harvey 2003: 57). The demise of the Bretton Woods system triggered a period of volatility in the international financial system and provided an opportunity for business to assert a new paradigm, the implementation of which would enable finance capital to emerge into a hegemonic position. The increasing fusion of different types of capital created a demand for flexibility in its deployment. The neoliberal policy package, both domestically and internationally, conformed to this requirement on the part of finance capital.

The election of a minority Conservative government in 2006 meant that this situation was likely to persist. The government’s approach to social policy had predictable results, including the growth of inequality (Yalnizyan 1998: 127). Always unequal, ownership of wealth became even more skewed. 7 percent in 1999 (Kerstetter 2002: 12; see also Morissette, Zhang and Drolet 2002). Income statistics show a similar trend. 7 percent, average after-tax income in the pre-recession peak year of 1989 (Statistics Canada 2000).

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