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Consulting Psychology: Selected Articles by Harry Levinson PH.D., Dr Arthur M Freedman, Kenneth H Bradt

By Harry Levinson PH.D., Dr Arthur M Freedman, Kenneth H Bradt

For over 50 years, Harry Levinson, a pioneer within the box of organizational consulting psychology, has utilized his medical services to the certainty of organizational overview and intervention. This quantity provides 18 of his articles that discover how and why specialists diagnose organizational and managerial pathology.

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Psychoanalytic theory divides the personality into three components: id, superego, and ego. The id encompasses the unconscious aspects of personality functioning— those memories, feelings, and thoughts of which we are not aware and cannot spontaneously nor voluntarily become aware. The superego encompasses internalized values, controls, and rules of behavior—that which we ordinarily refer to as conscience. It also includes a person's idealized expectations of himself at his future best, designated as the ego ideal.

It is not unusual for the company, both by means of its staff services and the personal interest of an employee's associates and superiors, to come to the assistance of a person in emergency circumstances. The "kitty" for emergencies is a ubiquitous phenomenon in organizations, whether raised by contributions or profits from coin machines. Fellow workers mobilize for blood transfusions as well as money, and in some instances the organization continues a man's salary beyond sick leave provisions until he can retum to work.

RECIPROCATION 37 idly changing society. Moreover, the actions of individual people in an organization are viewed by them, by the objects of the action, and by observers, as actions of the organization. For example, if a local manager of Midland Utilities cuts off someone's service for nonpayment, that action is seen as the company cutting off the service. There are many reasons why this should be so. 1. The organization is legally, morally, and financially responsible for the actions of its members as organizational agents.

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