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Constitutional Law For Dummies by Smith, Patricia Fusco

By Smith, Patricia Fusco

Discover the fine details of Constitutional law

Are you a pupil searching for depended on, plain-English information at the fine details of Constitutional legislation? glance no further!

Constitutional legislations For Dummies presents a close learn consultant monitoring to this usually required legislations direction. It breaks down complex fabric and provides you a via define of the parameters and purposes of the U.S. structure in sleek, easy-to-understand language.

  • Critical details at the Constitution's foundations, powers, and limitations
  • A glossy research of the Constitution's amendments
  • Detailed info at the ultimate courtroom and federalism

Explaining superseded governmental jargon in present, up to date phrases, Constitutional legislations For Dummies is simply what you wish for speedy studying and entire realizing. scholars learning govt also will locate this to be an invaluable complement to various courses.

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Interestingly, the Thirteen Amendment is one of the few constitutional provisions interpreted to apply to private, nongovernmental behavior. ) Preventing mistreatment of newly freed slaves — and of many other Americans The Fourteenth Amendment includes some one-time provisions designed to reintegrate the rebellious Southern states into the Union. For example, Section 3 prohibits persons from holding federal office if they violated a previous oath to support the Constitution; Section 4 deals with Civil War debts.

Most modern amendments put a time limit on ratification, but older amendments may not. S. Constitution is majorly concerned with how governmental power is allocated among competing power centers. It is not surprising, therefore, that the following key features of the Constitution relate to who exercises what governmental powers and what safeguards prevent abuse of government powers: ✓ Popular sovereignty (power from the people): The constitutional plan proposed in 1789 assumed that the true source of political power was the American people.

Article IV also obligates the new federal government to protect states from invasion by foreigners or Native Americans or domestic unrest within state borders, and to guarantee the states “a Republican Form of Government” (that is, one broadly representative of majority will). 21 22 Part I: Studying Constitutional Law: The Foundations The general lack of “individual rights” provisions in the Constitution of 1789 You would be forgiven if you associate constitutional with protection of individual rights.

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