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Constantinople byzantine by Raymond Janin

By Raymond Janin

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The latter divide into three groups: Diodoros and Trogus (as epitomized by Justin), who both wrote universal histories; Plutarch, who has left us our only surviving biography; and Curtius and Arrian, who confined themselves to Alexander's campaigns alone. Diodoros, Plutarch, and Arrian hold him in high esteem, while Trogus/Justin and Curtius paint a darker picture of a gradually deteriorating character, particularly after the death of Darius. C. 28 Aiming to make world history accessible to the ordinary reader by judicious selection from the major authorities, he weaves his patchwork around a program for moral living.

HN 35. 109: Nec fuit alius in arte velocior. Tradunt . . [Nicomachum] Telesti poetae monimentum . . paucis diebus absolvisse et celeritate et arte mira. 81. Vitr. 3 praef. vv. 82 Furthermore, impressionism was above all a Hellenistic technique, but to Pliny and Vitruvius, Hellenistic painting was decadent art. The simple fact that they praise the technique of the two painters excludes impressionism altogether. Fortunately, there is another explanation that is all too often overlooked. In the Greek lexicographers, "brevity" and "speed" in painting are associated with the abbreviation of figures, with letting the part stand for the whole.

31. 8; Arr. Ahab. 3. 7. 6. On the dates see Bosworth 1980a: 219, 287.  < previous page < previous page page_134 page_135 next page > next page > Page 2.  Devine.  Agrianians and Greek mercenaries.  Alexander breaks through the Persian left and advances toward Darius.  Thessalian cavalry rout and pursue Persian right-wing cavalry.  Macedonian phalanx advances against Darius's Greek mercenaries.  Phalanx battalions of Koinos and Perdikkas break through Darius's Greek mercenaries and wheel left to aid remaining battalions of phalanx.

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