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Computerization in Developing Countries: Model and Reality by Per Lind

By Per Lind

The desire that computerization in constructing nations may dramatically increase their economies has thus far been unrealised. This booklet examines the problems of making use of Western laptop types in 3rd global nations.

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Galbraith, 1970). Not only the amount of information but also reaction time (or ‘frequency of decision’ in Thompson’s words) characterize this type of co-ordination. Feedback is thus present in all three types, albeit with different time frames. 1 This upper limit is seldom conceived of in practice compared to the more widespread opinion that ‘the more information the better decisions’ for production management (Plossl, 1973, Smolik, 1983). The approach to an organizational behaviour thus presented, based on the open/closed system analogy, constitutes the framework to be used for the coming company analysis.

Such a strategic issue is, for example, the relevance of the large-scale national information centres, which are prestigious institutions with very high computing capacity. ). 20 Computers in developing countries Strategical problems can be regarded from a more general level in a broader perspective on technology. Stewart suggests: Technology consists of a series of techniques. The technology available to a particular country is all those techniques it knows about (or may with not too much difficulty obtain knowledge about) and could acquire, while the technology in use is that subset of techniques it has acquired.

General models are therefore no more general than the underlying world view of their originators. In other words, no model can claim absolute credibility. ‘Our knowledge is never completely certain’ said Karl Popper, one of the most influential philosophers in the theory of science. But when a model is transformed into a computer program it has a tendency to become a generalization. There are primarily two reasons behind this. First, a computer program is regarded by many as the result of a consensus decision where the most appropriate model has been selected to be transformed into a computer program.

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