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Computational Mechanics of Discontinua by Antonio A. Munjiza

By Antonio A. Munjiza

Mechanics of Discontinua is the 1st ebook to comprehensively take on either the idea ofthis quickly constructing subject and the purposes that span a huge box of medical and engineering disciplines, from conventional engineering to physics of particulates, nano-technology and micro-flows. Authored through a number one researcher who has been on the innovative of discontinua simulation advancements during the last 15 years, the publication is prepared into 4 components: introductory wisdom, solvers, tools and purposes. within the first bankruptcy a brief revision of Continuum Mechanics including tensorial calculus is brought. additionally, a quick creation to the finite point technique is given. the second one a part of the ebook introduces key points of the topic. those contain a various box of purposes, including primary theoretical and algorithmic elements universal to all equipment of Mechanics of Discontinua. The 3rd a part of the publication proceeds with crucial computational and simulation tools together with Discrete point equipment, the mixed Finite-Discrete aspect strategy, Molecular Dynamics tools, Fracture and Fragmentation solvers and Fluid Coupling. After those the reader is brought to functions stretching from conventional engineering and (such as mining, oil undefined, powders) to nanotechnology, clinical and science.Content:
Chapter 1 creation to Mechanics of Discontinua (pages 1–19):
Chapter 2 equipment of Mechanics of Discontinua (pages 21–38):
Chapter three Disc to side touch interplay in 2nd (pages 39–46):
Chapter four Triangle to facet touch interplay in 2nd (pages 47–57):
Chapter five Ball to floor touch interplay in 3D (pages 59–75):
Chapter 6 Tetrahedron to issues touch interplay in 3D (pages 77–87):
Chapter 7 Tetrahedron to Triangle touch interplay in 3D (pages 89–102):
Chapter eight Rock Joints (pages 103–124):
Chapter nine MR touch Detection set of rules for our bodies of comparable dimension (pages 125–153):
Chapter 10 MR touch Detection set of rules for our bodies of alternative Sizes (pages 155–161):
Chapter eleven MR touch Detection set of rules for complicated Shapes in 2nd (pages 163–195):
Chapter 12 MR touch Detection set of rules for complicated Shapes in 3D (pages 197–242):
Chapter thirteen Parallelization (pages 243–264):

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