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Comprehensive Handbook of Chemical Bond Energies by Yu-Ran Luo

By Yu-Ran Luo

SynopsisDrawn from over 5,500 resources, entire guide of Chemical Bond Energies compiles the newest experimental BDE info for greater than 19,600 bonds and 102 parts. geared up by means of bond kind, sensible crew, bond order, bond measure, molecular dimension, and constitution, the knowledge can be situated utilizing the Periodic desk. The publication provides info for organics, biochemicals, and radicals in addition to clusters, ions, hydrogen- and surface-bonded species, Van der Waals complexes, and halogen-clusters/complexes. It additionally introduces totally new info for inorganics and organometallics and summarizes the heats of formation for atoms, unfastened radicals, and monoatomic ions within the fuel section.

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For example, we may derive the BDE values of CH3–X, C2H5–X, where XZH, F, Cl, Br, I, OH, SH, NH2, CN, NO, NO2, CH3, and C2H5, if DfH0(CH3) and DfH0(C2H5) are known. 4. The number of confirmed compounds is close to thirty million (2006CAS). We must estimate the heats of formation of compounds and BDEs using ab initio MO theory, density functional theory (DFT), semi-empirical methods (such as PM3 and AM1), molecular mechanics, group additivity, and others. Burcat’s e-publication (2001BUR) and 7366—CHAPTER 1—5/2/2007—12:59—KARTHIA—15357—XML MODEL B – pp.

4. In this book, the boldface emphasizes the dissociated atom or group. 1. There is a CO group at the a-position of the C–H bond. 3. There are a CO group and an N atom at the a-position of the C–H bond. 4. There are a CO group and a SO2 group at the a-position of the C–H bond. 3. Bond order (triple, double, and single) and the bond degree (primary, secondary, or tertiary). The compounds with triple bond and primary BDEs are listed first. 4. Saturated or unsaturated compounds. Saturated ones are listed first.

6 (4) PES (5) PIMS detect. 9G2 (146G8) (E)-2-Butene (E)-CH3CHaCHCH3 7366—CHAPTER 3—6/2/2007—13:02—JEBA—15359—XML MODEL B – pp. 4) 2-Methyl-1-butene CH2aC(CH3)CH2CH3 (continued) 7366—CHAPTER 3—6/2/2007—13:03—JEBA—15359—XML MODEL B – pp. 7 (3) Re-anal. 0 DfH0 in ref. 4) Penta-2,3-diene CH3CHaCaCHCH3 (E)-2-Pentene (E)-CH3CHaCHCH2CH3 (Z)-2-Pentene DfH0 in ref. 0 Derived 2005FAT/KAS CH2aCHCH(CH2)2CH3 2,3-Dimethyl-1,3-butadiene CH2aC(CH3)C(CH3)aCH2 7366—CHAPTER 3—6/2/2007—13:03—JEBA—15359—XML MODEL B – pp.

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