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Collected Works of C.G. Jung: Freud and Psychoanalysis, Vol. by C.G. Jung

By C.G. Jung

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One selects some specially striking portion of the dream, and then the questions subject about the associations that attach them selves to it. He is directed to say frankly whatever comes into his mind concerning this part of the dream, eliminating as far as possible any criticism. Criticism is nothing but the censor at work; it is the resistance against the complex, and it tends to suppress what is of the most importance. The subject comes into 82 Finally I 83 should, therefore, say absolutely everything that head without paying any attention to it.

The 107 scene in Andermatt portrayed with a nice wit, or more is dreamt further. "The teacher stole some chestnuts" is equivalent to saying that he did something prohibited. By chestnuts is meant roast chestnuts, which because of the split are known to be female sexual symbols. Hence the teacher's remark that he was "so glad to travel with his two pupils/' following di rectly on the theft of the chestnuts, becomes understandable. correctly, The for is theft of the chestnuts it is certainly a personal interpolation, It shows how intense was the occurs in no other account.

As Freud says, the individual predisposed his from him with sexual a "bit of repression" hysteria brings childhood. Instead of the sexual excitation, in the widest sense of the word, being acted out in the sphere of normal sexuality, it is repressed and causes a reactivation of the original infantile sexual activity. This is expressed above all in the fantasy-activ The fantasies develop along the so characteristic of ity hysterics. line already traced by the special kind of infantile sexual activ of hysterics are, as we know, boundless; hence, ity.

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