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Collected Papers on Schizophrenia and Related Subjects by Harold F. Searles

By Harold F. Searles

Twenty-four papers on or in terms of schizophrenia, written among 1951 and 1963.

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I've got some queer lack of sureness myself, otherwise Judy wouldn't be so domineering. 'It has nothing to do with my being scared of being the boss, either-though it may. But it's a matter of intellectual uncertainty, and emotional uncertainty. 'Now the thing that hasta be worked out is, how can I get to be free, so I can do things because I wanta do them, not because somebody told me when I was a kid that it is my moral obligation to do them, or because I'm afraid that this would happen or that would happen if I didn't do them?

397-413. 39 SCHIZOPHRENIA A N D RELATED SUBJECTS traces of the original objectless condition, or at least a longing for it ('oceanic feeling'). Introjection is an attempt to make parts of the external world flow into the ego. . 'When the child is forced through experiences to renounce his belief in his omnipotence, he considers the adults who have now become independent objects to be omnipotent, and tries by introjection to share their omnipotence again (PP. 39-40). Of course, the idea of being eaten is not only a source of fear but under certain circumstances may also be a source of oral pleasure.

Any successful, long-range psycho-analysis or psycho-therapy comes to involve the patient and the doctor in facing life's most basic issues together, even though the doctor may be participating little in an overt, verbal fashion. Each emerges, when the treatment is over, with a deepened and enriched understanding of life's meaning. . .. The Over-All Process of Therapy Only after a number of years, as various of my patients had come sufficiently far toward health, could I begin to achieve some grasp of the whole course of therapy with schizophrenic patients.

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