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Cochlear Implants-An Update by T. Kubo, Y. Takahashi, T. Iwaki

By T. Kubo, Y. Takahashi, T. Iwaki

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One aim of this study was to determine which structures block the preferred surgical approach, while the other was to describe anatomical variation as the basis for cochlear implantation. Material and methods Twenty-six temporal bones were obtained from donated, formalin-fixed cadavers. After mild decalcification, specimens were precisely dissected from the lateral and superior sides with a motor drill. 5-mm steps) and two 25-gauge needles, we examined the topographical relationship between four landmarks (facial and chorda tympani nerves, round window niche, and bony posterior wall of the external auditory meatus).

Jp Cochlear Implants – An Update, pp. 33–35 edited by T. Kubo, Y. Takahashi and T. P65 33 3/19/02, 9:19 AM 34 H. Edamatsu et al. Fig. 1. Three-dimensional MRI of a normal inner ear. a: middle turn of the cochlea; b: scala vestibuli of the basal turn; c: scala tympani; d: vestibule; e: anterior semicircular canal; f: posterior canal; g: lateral canal; h: cochlear nerve; i: superior vestibular nerve; j: inferior nerve. 5 Tesla and a new scanning sequence, 3D-CISS (constructive interference in steady state).

The stimuli were Address for correspondence: T. Shintani, Department of Otolaryngology, Sapporo Medical University, S1W16 Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-0061, Japan. jp Cochlear Implants – An Update, pp. 37–39 edited by T. Kubo, Y. Takahashi and T. P65 37 3/19/02, 9:20 AM 38 T. Shintani et al. sequential Japanese sentences spoken by a female using an Audioinput selector (Cochlear Co. ) for ten minutes, during which time the subjects were blindfolded. To evaluate speech perception performance, we examined vowel and consonant perception and performed speech tracking tests.

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