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Ciba Foundation Symposium - Hormonal Factors in Carbohydrate

Chapter 1 alternative ways of Carbohydrate Metabolism (pages 1–21): F. Dickens
Chapter 2 Nature and Intracellular Distribution of the Enzymes involved within the Metabolism of the Hexoses within the Liver (pages 22–43): Christian De Duve
Chapter three The Enzymatic Synthesis and constitution of Glycogen (pages 44–54): Carl F. Cori
Chapter four Hormonal impacts within the Synthesis of fats from Carbohydrate (pages 55–69): F. D. W. Lukens
Chapter five The position of the Anterior Pituitary within the Synthesis of fats from Carbohydrate (pages 70–82): Alfred E. Wilhelmi
Chapter 6 results of Insulin and Corticoids on Lipogenesis in vitro (pages 83–94): S. J. Folley
Chapter 7 Responses of canines to Purified development Hormone (pages 95–115): James Campbell
Chapter eight ACTH and development Hormone as Diabetogenic components (pages 116–135): E. Reid
Chapter nine effect of the Adrenal Cortex on Carbohydrate Metabolism (pages 136–151): C. N. H Long
Chapter 10 Adrenal Cortex and Carbohydrate Phosphorylation (pages 152–165): F. Verzar
Chapter eleven Adrenocortical Steroids on Carbohydrate Metabolism in guy (pages 166–178): Jerome W. Conn
Chapter 12 scientific Observations on Metabolism in weight problems (pages 179–192): H. W. Bansi
Chapter thirteen Hormonal keep watch over of Glycogen garage (pages 193–210): Jane A. Russels
Chapter 14 The impression of Insulin on Carbohydrate Metabolism (pages 211–223): C. H. Best
Chapter 15 Can different Fuels alternative for Glucose in Tissues Subjected to severe Insulin job? (pages 224–232): D. R. Drury and A. N. Wick
Chapter sixteen Inhibitory influence of Pancreas Extract Uptake of the remoted Diaphragm and H?G. issue at the Insulin Glucose (pages 233–242): J. L. R Candela
Chapter 17 Human and Experimental Diabetes (pages 243–249): R. D. Lawrence
Chapter 18 reaction of the Liver to Insulin; Hepatic Vein Catheterization stories in guy (pages 250–262): A. G. Bearn, Barbara H. Billing and Sheila Sherlock
Chapter 19 The Insulinase and Insulinase?Inhibitor task of the Liver (pages 263–277): Arthur Mirsky
Chapter 20 ?strogens, Carbohydrate Metabolism, and Mitosis (pages 278–294): William S. Bullough
Chapter 21 Hormonal facets of Carbohydrate Metabolism in Semen and Male Reproductive Organs (pages 295–304): T. Mann
Chapter 22 The influence of Castration and Steroid treatment on Seminal Plasma with recognize to Fructose usage via general Bull Sperm (pages 305–317): F. X. Gassner, E. R. Rutherford, M. L. Hopwood and H. J. Hill
Chapter 23 a few Endocrine stories in Diabetic being pregnant (pages 318–329): Charles H. Gray
Chapter 24 being pregnant and Diabetes (pages 330–339): J. P. Hoet

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1948). Arch. , 18, 137. VESTLING,C. , MYLROIE,A. , and*GRANT, N. H. (1950). J . biol. , 185, 789. WILKINSON, J. F. (1949), Biochem. J . , 44, 460. 42 GENERALDISCUSSION DISCUSSION DICKENS:I would like to ask about the fructose diphosphatase in liver, because many of our extracts seemed extremely deficient in it. I presume that is because we dialysed them and lost the magnesium? DE DUVE: There are several possible explanations. First of all, without Mg it would not be active, and in addition ammonium sulphate has a very bad effect on the enzyme; very little activity remains after the enzyme has been treated with ammonium sulphate.

From the rapidity with which these reactions occur, i t would seem that the turnover of phosphorylase in liver tissue must be very high. 4. Specificity of glucose-6-phosphatase. 008 M glucose-&phosphate (G-6-P), glucose-1-phosphate (G-I-P) and /3-glycerophosphate(Glyc-P). , 1951). The enzyme is associated with an insoluble structure and has not yet been obtained in soluble form. in the cold or better by differential centrifugation of the microsome fraction. By this LIVERENZYMES AND HEXOSE METABOLISM 33 method it is possible to obtain preparations which are practically free of phosphoglucomutase, phosphohexoisomerase and acid phosphatase.

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