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Ciba Foundation Symposium 71 - Blood Cells and Vessel Walls:

Chapter 1 Chairman's creation (pages 1–2): J.L. Gowans
Chapter 2 The Haemopoietic Microenvironment of Bone Marrow: An Ultrastructural learn of the Interactions of Blood Cells, Stroma and Blood Vessels (pages 3–19): Leon Weiss
Chapter three Immunoelectron?Microscopic Characterization of Lymphoid Microenvironments within the Lymph Node and Thymus (pages 21–37): Willem Van Ewijk
Chapter four Structural and sensible Differentiation of Microvascular Endothelium (pages 39–60): Maya Simionescu
Chapter five Haemodynamic and Biochemical Interactions in Intravascular Platelet Aggregation (pages 61–77): G.V.R. Born
Chapter 6 Prostacyclin (pages 79–111): J.R. Vane and S. Moncada
Chapter 7 The functionality and Pathways of Lymphocyte Recirculation (pages 113–126): J.L. Gowans and H.W. Steer
Chapter eight Reassortment of cellphone Populations in the Lymphoid gear of the Sheep (pages 127–144): Wendy Trevella and Bede Morris
Chapter nine Lymphocyte Recirculation within the Sheep Fetus (pages 145–166): R.N.P. Cahill, I. Heron, D.C. Poskitt and Z. Trnka
Chapter 10 Lymphocyte site visitors via Lymph Nodes in the course of mobile Shutdown (pages 167–195): Ian McConnell, John Hopkins and Peter Lachmann
Chapter eleven impression of epidermis portray with Oxazolone at the neighborhood Extravasation of Mononuclear Cells in Sheep (pages 197–209): J.G. Hall
Chapter 12 Metabolic stories of High?Walled Endothelium of Postcapillary Venules in Rat Lymph Nodes (pages 211–241): P. Andrews, W.L. Ford and R.W. Stoddart
Chapter thirteen Adherence of Lymphocytes to the excessive Endothelium of Lymph Nodes in vitro (pages 243–263): Judith J. Woodruff and Barry J. Kuttner
Chapter 14 mobile, Genetic, and Evolutionary features of Lymphocyte Interactions with High?Endothelial Venules (pages 265–286): Eugene C. Butcher and Irving L. Weissman
Chapter 15 Macrophages and the Differential Migration of Lymphocytes (pages 287–298): J.H. Humphrey
Chapter sixteen Polymorphonuclear Leucocyte Chemotaxis: Detection of the Gradient and improvement of mobilephone Polarity (pages 299–311): Sally H. Zigmond
Chapter 17 Dynamic concept of Leucocyte Adhesion (pages 313–341): Peter D. Richardson
Chapter 18 Summing UP (pages 343–347): Irving L. Weissman

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Simionescu & N. Simionescu 1978). 4. v. injection of carbon black and topical application of histamine. Arterioles (dots) and capillaries (arrows) are not labelled by carbon whereas postcapillary venules (vp) show intramural deposits of carbon particles. (b) Thin section showing carbon particles accumulated in a largely open intercellular junction of a postcapillary venule. (a) x 600; (b) x 65000. 48 Fib. 5 . Labelling of endothelial cell (mouse) by cationic ferritin. (a) Fenestral diaphragms are marked by particles of cationic ferritin (arrows) whereas the channel and vesicle diaphragms arc not labelled (arrowheads).

Simionescu: What we have learnt so far is that molecules from the blood plasma are taken up by vesicles and transported to the tissue front, where the content is discharged into the interstitial space. The transport seems to be bidirectional. This process raises the important question of whether domains of the luminal front of the endothelial cell membrane move as vesicles and are subsequently incorporated into the plasmalemma of the other side of the cell, or whether the vesicles represent a separate population of membranes, which shuttle between the two fronts of the cell.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I a m indebted to Mr Rene Brons, Department of Cell Biology, Erasmus University, for technical assistance, to Dr Patricia Jones, Department of Genetics, Stanford University, for providing monoclonal anti H-2 reagents, and to Mrs Cary Meijerink and Rita Boucke for typing assistance. This work was done in part at the Department of Pathology, Stanford University, in cooperation with Dr I . L . Weissman, sponsored in part by Public Health Service International Research Fellowship No.

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