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Ciba Foundation Symposium 107 - Functions of the Basal

Chapter 1 establishing comments (pages 1–2): E.V. Evarts
Chapter 2 Afferent and Efferent Relationships of the Basal Ganglia (pages 3–29): W. J. H. Nauta and V. B. Domesick
Chapter three Synapses of pointed out Neurons within the Neostriatum (pages 30–47): J. P. Bolam
Chapter four Synaptic association of the Basal Ganglia: An Electroanatomical process within the Rat (pages 48–63): J. M. Deniau and G. Chevalier
Chapter five practical association of the Basal Ganglia: Contributions of Single?Cell Recording stories (pages 64–82): M. R. Delong, A. P. Georgopoulos, M. D. Crutcher, S. J. Mitchell, R. T. Richardson and G. E. Alexander
Chapter 6 Basal Ganglia Outputs and Motor regulate (pages 83–113): Edward V. Evarts and Steven P. Wise
Chapter 7 Neurochemically certain Subsystems within the Basal Ganglia (pages 114–149): Ann M. Graybiel
Chapter eight position of the Thalamus within the Bilateral law of Dopaminergic and GABAergic Neurons within the Basal Ganglia (pages 150–163): J. Glowinski, M. J. Besson and A. Cheramy
Chapter nine ??Aminobutyric Acid and Basal Ganglia Outflow Pathways (pages 164–182): C. Reavill, P. Jenner and C. D. Marsden
Chapter 10 Behavioural results of Manipulation of Basal Ganglia Neurotransmitters (pages 183–200): Susan D. Iversen
Chapter eleven The Neostriatum considered Orthogonally (pages 210–224): Ivan Divac
Chapter 12 Which Motor ailment in Parkinson's ailment shows the real Motor functionality of the Basal Ganglia? (pages 225–241): C. D. Marsden
Chapter thirteen Basal Ganglia Lesions and mental Analyses of the keep an eye on of Voluntary circulation (pages 242–268): Alan M. Wing and Ed Miller
Chapter 14 remaining feedback (pages 269–272): E.V. Warts

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It is concluded that medium-size densely spiny neurons provide the basic framework of the neural circuits of the neostriatum. 1984 Functions p 30-47 of the basal ganglia. Pitman. London (Ciba Foundation symposium 107) The neostriatum is an extremely complex area of the brain; it receives its major inputs from the cortex, substantia nigra, thalamus, dorsal raphe, amygdala and ventral tegmental area. Its major outputs are to the pallidus and substantia nigra. Within the neostriatum, biochemical, pharmacological and immunocytochemical techniques have identified at least 15 putative transmitters (Graybiel & Ragsdale 1983).

Smith, P. Somogyi, unpublished observations). The other type of dendrite, first described by Schwyn & Fox (1974), is densely and uniformly ensheathed by synaptic terminals. Some of the later types of dendrites have been identified as originating from nigrothalamic neurons (Somogyi et a1 1979). The input from the striatum to the nigra is therefore not only topographically organized but also terminates on several types of neuron at each level. Kitai: Drs Chang, Kita and I labelled subthalamic neurons intracellularly with HRP and found that their terminals in the substantia nigra are asymmetrical and contain small vesicles.

J Neurocytol 12:325-344 Bolam JP, Ingham CA, Smith AD 1984a The section Golgi impregnation procedure. 3. Combination of Golgi-impregnation with enzyme histochemistry and electron microscopy to characterize acetylcholinesterase-containing neurons in the rat neostriatum. Neuroscience, in press Bolam JP, Wainer BH, Smith AD 1984b Characterization of cholinergic neurons in the rat neostriatum. A combination of choline acetyltransferase immunocytochemistry, Golgi impregnation and electron microscopy.

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