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Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a by David C. Korten

By David C. Korten

We people stay via tales, says David Korten, and the tales that now govern our society set us on a route to yes self-destruction. during this profound new publication, Korten stocks the result of his look for a narrative that displays the fullness of human wisdom and figuring out and gives a advisor to motion enough to the wishes of our time. Korten calls our present tale Sacred funds and Markets. funds, it tells us, is the degree of all worthy and the resource of all happiness. Earth is just a resource of uncooked fabrics. Inequality and environmental destruction are unlucky yet unavoidable. even supposing many realize that this tale promotes undesirable ethics, undesirable technological know-how, and undesirable economics, it is going to stay our guiding tale till changed by way of one who aligns with our private figuring out of the universe and our dating to it. to steer our route to a practicable human destiny, Korten deals a Sacred lifestyles and residing Earth tale grounded in a cosmology that affirms we live beings born of a residing Earth itself born of a residing universe. Our future health and health rely on an financial system that works in partnership with the strategies wherein Earth's group of lifestyles continues the stipulations of its personal existence—and ours. providing a hopeful imaginative and prescient, Korten lays out the transformative impression adopting this tale may have on each element of human lifestyles and society.

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