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Catalysis of organic reactions by Michael L Prunier

By Michael L Prunier

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16 Like the coupling of alkyl groups,17,18 bidentate ligands discourage the opening of a coordination site necessary for β-hydrogen elimination to occur. 19,20 These properties improve the rates for the coupling, allow mild couplings of chloroarenes, and lead to reactions that occur with low catalyst loadings (equations 5, 6). Thus, the coupling of amines with haloarenes is a process for which the contributions from my group have largely been based on findings that we revealed during our mechanistic studies of these reactions.

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Such phosphines represent a new class of bleaching agents, and P(CH2OH)3 (THP), which can be readily generated from commercially available salts of [P(CH2OH)4]+, is competitive with the currently used bleaching agent ‘hydrosulfite’ (Na2S2O4). Indeed, THP in conjunction with Na2S2O4 has found industrial use at least in one pulp mill. Investigations into the ‘bleaching chemistry’ have led to the discovery of new types of organo-phosphorus compounds, while continuing interest in the metal-catalyzed hydrogenations has revealed novel chemistry of the ‘non-innocent’ THP both in its free and coordinated state.

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