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Casimir Physics by Diego A. R. Dalvit, Peter W. Milonni, David C. Roberts

By Diego A. R. Dalvit, Peter W. Milonni, David C. Roberts (auth.), Diego Dalvit, Peter Milonni, David Roberts, Felipe da Rosa (eds.)

Casimir results function fundamental examples of without delay observable manifestations of the nontrivial homes of quantum fields, and as such are attracting expanding curiosity from quantum box theorists, particle physicists, and cosmologists. additionally, even though very susceptible other than at brief distances, Casimir forces are common within the experience that every one fabric items are topic to them. they're hence additionally an more and more very important a part of the physics of atom-surface interactions, whereas in nanotechnology they're being investigated not just as participants to ‘stiction’ but additionally as capability mechanisms for actuating micro-electromechanical devices.

While the sphere of Casimir physics is increasing quickly, it has reached a degree of adulthood in a few very important respects: at the experimental aspect, the place such a lot assets of imprecision in strength measurements were pointed out in addition to at the theoretical facet, the place, for instance, semi-analytical and numerical tools for the computation of Casimir forces among our bodies of arbitrary form were effectively built. This e-book is, then, a well timed and complete advisor to the essence of Casimir (and Casimir-Polder) physics that may have lasting price, serving the twin function of an advent and connection with the sector. whereas this quantity isn't meant to be a unified textbook, yet quite a suite of mostly autonomous chapters written by means of well-known specialists within the box, the unique and thoroughly written articles undertake a method that are supposed to attract non-specialist researchers within the box in addition to to a broader viewers of graduate students.

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In the cases considered in the previous section it is obvious, because for any body eðinÞ [ 1 for n [ 0. 35) that forces are attractive for bodies of the same media (e1 ¼ e2 ). If, however, the bodies are different, the force can be either attractive or repulsive. 35) that if the differences e1 À e and e2 À e have different signs in the essential region of values n, we have F\0, that is, the bodies repel one another. , that e2 À 1 ( 1 and e À 1 ( 1. 34) can be simplified as 2 On the Problem of van der Waals Forces in Dielectric Media 3"hR3 FðlÞ % 8pl4 Z1 ðe2 ðinÞ À 1Þ ðe1 ðinÞ À eðinÞÞdn: ðe2 ðinÞ þ 1Þ 35 ð2:36Þ 0 The force is now expressed as a difference of two terms, with clear physical meaning.

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