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Carrier Air Handling Equipment by carrier co

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Part 10. Air Handling Equipment | Chapter 2. Air Conditioning Apparatus The unitary spray washer may be selected at various water quantities. A selection of spray banks is therefore available so that a range of contact factors may be obtained. Dehumidifier ratings are based on the apparatus dewpoint concept, as may be fan – coil unit ratings. A typical dehumidifying performance for a given unit size is shown in Chart 9. Recirculating water pump heads for central station washers usually range from 50 to 85 ft wg, provided the pump is close to the washer.

Unitary spray washers are available in the delivery range of 7800 to 47,000 cfm. This type of equipment is, however, open hydraulically and thus presents problems in piping design and system balancing. Refer to Part 3 for a discussion of washer piping. Since the flow of air and water thin the apparatus is parallel and since a gravity return of water is usually employed in a dehumidifier application, pipe sizes tend to be larger in an open system and the piping system and insulation more expensive.

At a given recirculated water quantity the fewer the number of spray banks, the greater the saturation efficiency since the spray pressure is greater. However, in the design and rating of central station washers, tile number of spray banks available is usually standardized and limited. Optimum dehumidifier efficiency is usually obtained at a spray water quantity of approximately 5 gpm per square foot and a pressure of 25 psig. The spay density may vary from 3 to 11 gpm per square foot without an appreciable effect on the performance, providing the 25 psig nozzle pressure is maintained.

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