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Cam Synthesis by M. A. Gonzalez-Palacios, J. Angeles (auth.)

By M. A. Gonzalez-Palacios, J. Angeles (auth.)

Despite advances in robotic know-how, within which business manipulators have changed mechanisms, cam mechanisms nonetheless locate very important commercial purposes within the fabric, nutrition processing and production industries. This booklet is a contemporary, up to date treatise at the vital topic of cam synthesis.
Cam mechanisms were studied from varied issues of view, particularly, kinematic synthesis, dynamic synthesis, research, layout, optimization and production. This e-book is orientated to the kinematic synthesis of cam mechanisms in a unified framework, i.e. that spatial, round and planar cam mechanisms are built-in within the related formula. often, the synthesis of the 3 forms of cam mechanisms has been approached utilizing autonomous formulations. With a unified formula, either popular forms of cam mechanisms, in addition to novel cam mechanisms may be synthesized, as proven within the ebook. furthermore, due to the fact the entire layout parameters are thought of in a unified framework, the optimization conception of cam mechanisms might be utilized systematically, i.e. the standards utilized for the optimization of planar cam mechanisms, that are came upon to a point within the literature, could be complemented so that it will offer basic standards for the optimization of round and spatial cam mechanisms.
The underlying philosophy of the e-book has been to use sound mathematical and kinematical instruments of research and synthesis that may be used merely with the to be had present software program and hardware.
The process and instruments brought during this publication might help the dressmaker in generating a huge spectrum of mechanisms than these defined within the book.
this can be a useful reference for engineering designers.

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1 Mapping from Euclidean to dual space. 2. 1, the surfaces of the cam and the follower are generated by the sweeping action of 132 onto each of the two bodies. The first part of this section is devoted to the derivation of the parameters defining h2' the second to the definition of the surfaces. Let SI, S2 and S3 be the dual unit spheres representing, in the dual space, the frame, cam and follower, respectively. We recall briefly here that dual quantities are denoted with a hat C) and are composed of a primal part, usually a real scalar, vector or matrix, and a dual part, correspondingly a real scalar, vector or matrix, preceded by the dual unity ( with the property (2 == 0.

43) CHAPTER 2. 2: Given the unit vectors ei, for i = 1, 2, representing the directions of two lines £i, and the position vectors qi of arbitrary points on each line, find the position vectors of the points Pi that are the intersection of the two lines with £3, their common perpendicular. 2. Solution: We define the coordinates of Pi as shown in Fig. 4, in terms of the position vectors Ui of points Uj of £i that lie closest to a point chosen as the origin 0 of a certain coordinate frame, namely, (a) Pi = Ui + biei Note that, in Fig.

Our objective is, then, to synthesize the contact surfaces of two rigid bodies, the cam and the follower, so as to produce a prescribed motion of the latter as a function of the motion of the former. Both the prescribed follower motion and the cam motion are described by one variable, and hence, the prescribed motion is fully specified by a scalar function of a scalar variable. This function is termed henceforth the input-output function. The synthesis of the contact surfaces of both cam and follower as well as the quality of the transmission, quantified via the pressure angle, are discussed in this chapter in a unified fashion.

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