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Light steel framing in residental construction by P.J. Grubb, M. Gorgolewski, R.M. Lawson

By P.J. Grubb, M. Gorgolewski, R.M. Lawson

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Therefore, the overall performance can generally be approximated by simply adding together the sound insulation ratings of its constituent parts. Thus, if each skin has a 30 dB sound reduction, the acoustic separation of the combined wall will approach a 60 dB sound reduction. wpd 20 2 October 2001 P301: Building Design using Cold Formed Steel Sections: Light Steel Framing in Residential Construction Discuss me ... SCI P301: Building Design using Cold Formed Steel Sections: Light Steel Framing in Residential Construction The essential requirements for good acoustic insulation of separating walls in lightweight dry construction are: C A double skin separating wall construction.

It is most appropriate where the welding tool can be supported and easily moved into position to form the weld. A minimum of 3 spot welds should be used for each connection. Bolted connections Typical shear capacity: 12 mm bolt: 8 -12 kN Bolts are a common choice for connecting light steel sections because of the ease with which holes in the sections can be punched during the roll forming process. The connections are usually arranged so that the bolts are primarily subject to shear and the capacity of the connection is generally governed by the bearing strength of the thinner material.

C Insufficient fixity of superstructure to foundations. In practice, the foundation or ground beam will have local deviations in level along its length and some packing will be required to achieve the required tolerances and to provide for effective load transfer. It is suggested that the following packing methods should be used, although individual systems may vary from this: < 10 mm pack under each stud with thin pre-galvanized steel shims 10-20 mm pack under each stud with steel shims and grout over the length of the sole plate > 20 mm obtain advice from the frame designer / manufacturer.

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