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British Politics: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short by Anthony Wright

By Anthony Wright

Tony Wright's Very brief advent to British Politics is an interpretative essay at the British political process, instead of purely an abbreviated textbook on the way it presently works. He identifies key features and concepts of the British culture, and investigates what makes British politics particular, whereas emphasizing during the ebook how those features are mirrored within the method the political process truly capabilities. every one bankruptcy is geared up round a key subject, resembling the structure or political responsibility, that's first verified after which explored with examples and illustrations. This in flip offers a point of view for a dialogue of ways the procedure is altering, having a look particularly at devolution and Britain's position in Europe.

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It is only possible to hear snatches of this conversation here, but enough to get a flavour of what is going on. Let us start with our old friends ‘left’ and ‘right’. Much of the British political conversation during the past century has been framed by these terms. They have their origin in the French Revolution, and have shaped the political experience of Europe (and beyond) for much of the time since then. They have marked off reformers from 35 Arguing Because politics is now conducted like this, it becomes harder to see the big picture.

British Politics with; no other tiers of government that enjoyed constitutional status and protection; no second chamber with power to rival the first; and no electoral system that enforced proportionality between votes cast and seats won. This was a ‘winner-takes-all’ system with a vengeance, not just in terms of how the first-past-the-post electoral system worked but in terms of the governing resources available to a winning party. Getting your hands on the great prize of government, with all its unconstrained power, conditioned everything.

49 Governing It was certainly a ‘curious’ business. When Tony Blair is portrayed as ‘the King in Parliament’, even if it is not usually expressed in quite that way, this is the indispensable context. In a narrow sense, it reflects the fact that a range of prerogative powers that were formerly possessed by the monarch (for example, to make appointments, sign treaties, declare wars) have transferred intact to the Prime Minister, bypassing the legislature on the way. There are periodic suggestions that these prerogative powers need to be constitutionalized in some way, but these are not suggestions that have commended themselves to prime ministers or governments.

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