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Boening Design Manual

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BAC5492 lists the machining requirements for titanium. Grinding of the finished surface is not allowed on structural or fatigue components because of adverse effects on fatique properties. Sanding of the finished surface on fatigue critical components requires shot peening to restore fatigue properties. ) Example: Ti–6Al–4V PLATE (Size) PER MIL–T–9046, CODE AB–1, Condition A Ti–10V–2Fe–3Al FORGING PER BMS7–260, STA. Ti–6Al–4V FORGING PER AMS 4928, ULTRASONIC INSPECT BILLET STOCK PER MIL–STD–2154, TYPE I, CLASS A.

TREAT AND AGE PER BAC5613. FINISH MACHINE PER BAC5492, CLASS (SPECIFY). Ti–10V–2Fe–3Al forgings ≤ 3 in. thick. Ti–10V–2Fe–3Al FORGING PER BMS7–260 CONDITION STA . 0 inches. 0 INCH SECTION THICKNESS AND BETA ANNEAL PER BAC5613. FINISH MACHINE PER BAC5492, CLASS (SPECIFY). 0 inches. Ti–6Al–4V or Ti–6Al–4V ELI FORGING PER BMS7–269, BETA ANNEALED TITANIUM ALLOYS BDM–1054 REV D PAGE 33 ******* PSDS GENERATED ******* BOEING DESIGN MANUAL 5 BDM–1054 DRAWING REQUIREMENTS AND NOTES (CONTINUED) FIGURE 5–1 DRAWING REQUIREMENTS AND NOTES (CONCLUDED) Examples of some other drawing notes Other requirements Forgings without prolongations, but large enough for tensile coupon to be removed.

Remove heat treat scale by abrasive cleaning per BAC5753, Method 4, and etching per BAC5753, Method 2. Visible tool marks and scratches are prohibited. Surface roughness 63 Ra prior to shot peening. Penetrant inspect per BAC5423 before shot peening. Shot peen per BAC5730. Extend the spring as required to achieve good shot peen coverage. TITANIUM ALLOYS BDM–1054 REV D PAGE 30 ******* PSDS GENERATED ******* BOEING DESIGN MANUAL 4 BDM–1054 PROCESSING Processing recommendations are shown in FIGURE 4–1.

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