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Biology of the Land Crabs by Warren W. Burggren (editor), Brian R. McMahon (editor)

By Warren W. Burggren (editor), Brian R. McMahon (editor)

Curiosity in land crabs has burgeoned as biologists have more and more interested in the evolution of terrestriality. sooner than the book of this quantity in 1988, there have been no unmarried entire resource of data to serve biologists drawn to the various facets of terrestrial decapod crustacean. Biology of the Land Crabs used to be the 1st synthesis of modern and common findings on brachyuran and anomuran crustaceans that experience developed various levels of edition for all times on land. Chapters via best researchers take a coordinated evolutionary and comparative method of systematics and evolution, ecology, behaviour, copy, development and molting, ion and water stability, breathing and movement, and energetics and locomotion. each one discusses how terrestrial species became tailored from ancestral freshwater or marine kinds. With its wide bibliography and finished index, together with the common historical past of approximately 80 species of brachyuran and anomuran crabs, Biology of the Land Crabs will remain a useful reference for researchers and complicated scholars.

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Males have one chela of the female type, but the other is enormously enlarged (Fig. 11), often brightly colored, and used for combat and display (see Chapter 4). 3. The distribution of species in some of the genera of land crabs Number of species Genus East Atlantic West Atlantic East Pacific Coenobita Birgus Cardisoma Epigrapsus Gecarcinus Geograpsus Uca Ocypode 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 3 1 15 1 1 0 1 0 3 1 31 2 2 Indo-West Pacific 8 1 4 2 0 3 18 15 + podid habit of remaining burrowed at high tide, and emerging to forage only when uncovered.

Rotundum • C. arm a turn A C. longipes Fig. 5. The distribution of the African and Asian species of Cardisoma. ) Evolution, systematics, and distribution 23 • Cardisoma crassum u Cardisoma guanhumi • Gecarcinus lateral is o Gecarcinus rurico/a * Gecarcinus malpilensis A Gecarcinus planatus Gecarcinus lagostoma Fig. 6. The distribution of the American species of the Gecarcinidae. ) C. rotundum (Quoy and Gaimard). Islands of the Indo-West Pacific from Mauritius eastward. Complete details of the geographical distribution of these species, as well as detailed morphological descriptions, are to be found in Turkay (1970, 1973b, 1974), and in Turkay and Sakai (1976).

4B) and reduced in Epigrapsus. There are some tufts of setae related to water uptake between the bases of the second and third legs in Epigrapsus, and between the base of the abdomen and the fifth leg in Gecarcinus and Gecarcoidea. Otherwise they appear typical brachyurans, and there are no striking features to differentiate the genera. They are mediumto large-sized crabs, and a large Cardisoma exceeds 100 mm in carapace width. A striking phenomenon in gecarcinids is that the breeding migration to the sea is highly synchronized on a lunar and seasonal basis, so that mass movements of the crabs occur.

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