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Big If: A Novel by Mark Costello

By Mark Costello

It's wintry weather in New Hampshire, the economic climate is booming, the vice chairman is operating for president, and his mystery carrier everyone is very, very tense.

Meet Vi Asplund, a tender mystery provider agent mourning her lifeless father. She is going domestic to New Hampshire to determine her brother Jens, a working laptop or computer genius who simply could be going mad—and is poised to make a fortune on immense If, a viciously nihilistic laptop online game aimed toward young children. Vi's the United States, as she sees it within the crowds, in her brother, and in her fellow brokers, is prosperous, worried, and abuzz with obscure fantasies of violence.

Through a gallery of vibrant characters—heroic, ignoble, or desperate—Mark Costello's hilarious novel limns the techniques, either sound and absurd, that we conjure to outlive in way of life.

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