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Belonging and Isolation in the Hellenistic World by Sheila Ager, Reimer Faber

By Sheila Ager, Reimer Faber

The Hellenistic interval was once a time of unparalleled cultural trade. within the wake of Alexander’s conquests, Greeks and Macedonians started to come upon new peoples, new rules, and new methods of lifestyles; as a result, this period is usually thought of to were one among unequalled cosmopolitanism. for plenty of members, despite the fact that, the broadening of horizons introduced with it an id challenge and a feeling of being adrift in an international that had passed through an intensive structural change.

Belonging and Isolation within the Hellenistic World offers essays by means of major foreign students who reflect on how the cosmopolitanism of the Hellenistic age additionally led to tensions among participants and groups, and among the small area people and the mega-community of oikoumene, or ‘the inhabited earth.’ With a number social, inventive, fiscal, political, and literary views, the individuals offer a full of life exploration of  the tensions and possibilities of lifestyles within the Hellenistic Mediterranean.

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37 For the two lines as part of the Muse’s speech, see Bornmann 1973 and 1975. 2 Invective from the Cultural Periphery: The Case of Hermeias of Kourion1 peter bing The reputation of Hermeias of Kourion hangs on a slender thread: his work survives in only a single fragment, a mere five choliambic lines preserved by Athenaios from a work entitled Iambi. Perhaps we can attribute to him a further single line in cretic-paeonics (Suppl. Hell. 484), which is cited by Hephaistion as being by a certain Hermeias.

23 For Hermeias, παιδοπίπης thus specifies the particular transgression in which the Stoics have been caught: they are seducers of boys. 24 In addition to παιδοπίπης, there is Στύαξ or Στοίαξ in verse 1 (rather than Στωικός), and ὑποκριτήρ in line 2 (replacing the common ὑποκριτής). Here again – as with considerations of metre, style, and subject matter – we find that Hermeias fits well with what we otherwise know of the early Hellenistic choliambic revival. 25 Given that παιδοπῖπαι plausibly comes from our poem, may we see in the remainder of Athenaios’s sentence a paraphrase of its further content, The Case of Hermeias of Kourion 39 and find traces of its diction?

Pal. 3–4) (Meleager made it: with much effort he created this delightful present as a souvenir for muchadmired Diokles). Then she goes on to name the various poetic flowers that were woven into the garland (5–56), and at the very end she provides an answer to the first question:37 ἀλλὰ φίλοις μὲν ἐμοῖσι φέρω χάριν· ἔστι δὲ μύσταις / κοινὸς ὁ τῶν Μουσέων ἡδυεπὴς στέφανος. (Anth. Pal. 57–8) (I offer this as a gift to my friends – the Muses’ sweet-speaking garland is common to all initiates). So it is the literary elite who are granted access to Meleager’s universe, not all and sundry (note the emphatic enjambment between μύσταις and κοινός, which underlines the importance of being initiated in the Muses’ mysteries).

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