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Battlestar Galactica Series Bible by Ronald D Moore

By Ronald D Moore

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As a general rale of thumb, we should encounter an actual Cylon raid every third episode and in between encounters our people should constantly be studying and testing new ways offightingtheir implacable enemy. It's important to note that while the Cylons were virtually invincible in the pilot, that there will be a more level playingfieldas the series goes on. This will be a result of the natural tendency in warfare for both sides to learnfrom their enemy, and develop new counter-measures for their opponents' strengths.

Most of space is empty and there aren't a lot of strange things to bump into which might, say, turn the Galactica's crew into children. ) 0T* Galactica's universe is also mostly devoid of other intelligent life. Unlike Trek's crowded galaxy filled with a multitude of empires, ours is a disquieting empty place. Most planets are uninhabitable. Breathable air and (linkable water are rarities. When we do encounter a world remotely capable of supporting human life, it will be a BIG DEAL. Likewise, an encounter with true alien life will be a HUGE DEAL, an our aliens will not be the usual assortment of bumpy-headed people that are essentially human in all but appearance.

Dj0^ Tyrol started over on the Galactica -just an anonymous deck hand, tryingto keep his head down, and forget about what had happened. But he didn't stay anonymous for long 27. Adama liked to walk the fhght line every day, checking out his birds as part of bis morningroutine,and he soon spotted Tyrol and his affinity for thefightersand the deck gang It wasn't long before Adama restored his rank and made him Chief of the Deck. Tyrol thrived aboard Galactica, appreciated Adama's old school style of command and even began to fall in love with the old ship herself.

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