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Basic Bookbinding by A. W. Lewis

By A. W. Lewis

A couple of books exist already which deal kind of totally with ebook crafts and in addition with complicated bookbinding, few of them disguise in any element the elemental tools of binding within the less complicated kinds. This booklet is an try and bridge the space by way of delivering step-by-step directions within the crucial operations desirous about the binding of books by way of hand in fabric and in library sort. No initial “book crafts” is advised because it is thought that enough preparatory paintings should be performed in bookbinding itself through the making up of small books of undeniable writing or drawing paper earlier than beginning on books of any worth. This publication should be stumbled on invaluable in education faculties, paintings colleges, secondary colleges and in night periods and likewise that adequate particular guide is given to allow a scholar, engaged on his personal, to take action with success.
Книга английского автора А.В.Льюиса о секретах переплётного дела. Ценность данного издания в том, что каждый человек, прочитав подробные пошаговые инструкции, сможет сделать переплёт книги в домашних условиях. Учебник прекрасно иллюстрирован и к каждому действию даётся подробный комментарий. Описаны разные стили переплёта, и дано описание инструментов, необходимых для работы. Также эта книга будет полезной библиотекарям, реставратором, студентам, ученикам школ и колледжей и всем тем, кто любит реставрировать книги.

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Basic Bookbinding

A few books exist already which deal quite absolutely with publication crafts and in addition with complicated bookbinding, few of them hide in any aspect the fundamental tools of binding within the easier types. This publication is an try to bridge the space through offering step-by-step directions within the crucial operations fascinated by the binding of books by means of hand in textile and in library variety.

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With the thumb and forefinger remove all the glue and thread from the back of the section, turn out all “dog-ears” and place the sections face downwards on the bench. Repeat for the succeeding sections, placing them on top of one another in their correct order as they are pulled. s ig n a t u r e s . 12. With tight-backed books this operation of pulling is sometimes not easy owing to the difficulty of completely removing the hard lining on the back. It is then best to place a piece of waste card on PULLING TIGHT-BACKED b o o k s .

The more “ sloppy” the paste the more stretching will occur due to the water in the paste. , pasting a narrow strip along one edge of a sheet, a pasting guard is used to cover all except the strip. A pasting guard is quickly made by folding a piece of waste paper so that a straight folded t ip p in g . edge is produced. A non-folded edge should not be used as it stretches and cockles badly as soon as the paste gets on to it and so allows paste to creep underneath the edge where it is not required.

A M U L T I - S E C T I O N E D B O O K FO R R E B I N D I N G 49 each side of the book—the old covers will do very well— and place it in a lying press with about of the book projecting. Soak the spine with thick paste and allow it to stand until the lining has softened. 13. Scrape the back of the book with a folder to remove as much as possible of the soft glue and lining. Using a very sharp knife cut the threads on the cords or tapes by cutting along the length of the bands, fig. 34, then remove Fig.

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