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Athens by Coral Davenport Jane Foster

By Coral Davenport Jane Foster

Путеводитель по Афинам из серии Eyewitness commute most sensible 10 (на английском языке). Это красочное издание станет вашим незаменимым помощником при посещении греческой столицы. В брошюре представлена краткая информация о 10 самых известных достопримечательностях одного из древнейших городов мира, сведения об архитектурных памятниках, археологических раскопках, музеях, сведения о знаменитых философах и писателях Греции, историчесих событиях и городских легендах, а также о популярных ресторанах, магазинах, культурных событиях, национальных греческих блюдах и т.п. Кроме того, в путеводителе есть необходимая каждому туристу информация: адреса гостиниц и кемпингов, сведения о местах общественного питания и транспорте, советы по посещению магазинов и финансовых учерждений, а также краткий разговорник.

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Athenians initially maintained good relations with their rulers, but in 86 BC a potential move towards Athenian independence was brutally crushed by the Romans. Emperor Hadrian (AD 76–138) remained a great admirer of Greek culture, however, and together with Greek scholar Herodes Atticus he set up various building schemes, including the great theatre (see p9). Byzantine Period When Roman territory was divided between East and West in AD 395, Greece fell within the east, and subsequently became part of the Byzantine Empire.

They are displayed in the positions as they would have been in the church, which was based on a ‘cross in square’ plan with a dome and Narthex. Aristotle’s Lyceum Building plans for the neighbouring site were shelved when excavators discovered ancient ruins identified as the Lyceum of Aristotle (the school the philosopher founded to compete with Plato’s Academy). The site has been taken over by the Byzantine Museum, with plans to open it to the public by 2007. Note: At the time of writing, the museum was being renovated, and the positioning of exhibits may be liable to change 29 Athens’ Top 10 Filopappos Hill The pine-covered slopes of Filopappos Hill offer a pleasantly shaded maze of paths leading through monuments marking centuries of history.

Aristotle 384–322 BC After studying with Plato, Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great. He later set up the Lyceum, a competitor to Plato’s Academy. His Poetics is still one of the most important works of literary criticism, and his Nichomachean Ethics among the greatest treatises on ethics. Nikos Kazantzakis 1883–1957 Millions have been drawn to the strange, joyous, bittersweet spirit of modern Greece as depicted in Kazantzakis’ most famous work, Zorba the Greek. Darker in mood is the Last Temptation of Christ and best of all is his audacious continuation of the fundamental Greek tale: The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel.

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