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Assertiveness and Diversity by A. Townend

By A. Townend

The publication explores the connection among assertiveness and variety. The case reviews and private tales illustrate how participants, groups, and enterprises could make a distinction and give the chance for everybody to be valued for who they're revered for what they do.

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It highlighted the need for them to continue to ask for feedback from their line managers on how their communication was received. 5 Assertive Relationships Introduction Key to developing assertive communication skills is the underlying attitude of self-respect and respect of others, the I’m OK: You’re OK life position. This chapter adds to those skills described in Chapter 4 with an exploration of some of the key communication skills offered by neurolinguistic programming (NLP) (McDermott and Jago, 2001).

17 18 What is Assertiveness? Key elements of connectedness, as described by Edward Hallowell (2002), include: ■ unconditional love from someone; being loved and recognized for who you are ■ friendship; having close friends with whom feelings and thoughts can be shared ■ community; belonging to friendship groups, groups and teams ■ organization; working with others within the same organization ■ environment; having a connection with the environment within which one works and lives, as well as nature and animals, and the wider world.

Speak one’s truth. Know what gives one meaning and purpose. Act with integrity. Trust. Be brave physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Be vulnerable physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Not know always how to do something. Make mistakes. Take risks. Have fun. Live with passion. Do something differently. Shift and change thinking and feeling. Question self and others. Challenge negative thinking about self and others. Case study: The essence of assertiveness, positive self-assertion, and assertive relationships in organizations It was feedback about his behavior at the final stage of an interview process that was the beginning of a journey of personal and interpersonal transformation for Atif Sheikh.

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