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Asimov Analyzed by Neil Goble

By Neil Goble

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Warpaint Series No. 48: Westland Lysander

Historical past of and squadron colours of the Westland Lysander plane of WWII.

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During this manufacture, it is desirable to perform the function on this group, at the same time or serially with the same system. Example—Welding Required During Manufacture of Bicycles Step 1: Are there similar products that might require the same modification during a job or task? A variety of metals must be welded during the manufacture of bicycles. Step 2: How much variation is there in the product? If the variation is small, then there is little requirement to modify a biased product. If the variety is large, then if the ability is too narrow, the system may have limited use.

Altshuller proposed that, since solving inventive problems also requires guess work, the solution will be more rapid and satisfying if we start with the ideal solution. Altshuller proposed another, more important, reason for solving backwards. Solutions that start with mental pictures of existing machines are usually variations on these structures and end up more complex than they need to be. We must free our minds of these structures by starting afresh with an ideal solution. Altshuller called this preferred end state or solution the Ideal Final Result.

The liquid acid will not affect solid acid. Perhaps solid acid forms a barrier. ---How may the liquid acid become light? Perhaps acid foam may be used. Here is the important point: The solution of many of these problems removes the need for the pan or the acid, making the system simpler. Simplify By Removing Large Groups of Elements 33 TRIZ Power Tools Merge with the Super-System Sometimes, it is the most advantageous to give up functions of the system and turn them over to the super-system. Note that this is an exception to the rule that the slave must not serve the master.

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