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Arid Dune Ecosystems: The Nizzana Sands in the Negev Desert by R. Ben-David, A. Yair (auth.), Siegmar-W. Breckle, Aaron

By R. Ben-David, A. Yair (auth.), Siegmar-W. Breckle, Aaron Yair, Maik Veste (eds.)

Sand dune dynamics performs a key function in lots of arid deserts. This quantity offers a synthesis of a particular sand dune surroundings, the Nizzana website within the Negev wasteland. Describing its weather and geophysical/geochemical houses of soils, geological heritage, wildlife, and past/present land-use styles, it elucidates ecological and geomorphological tactics and their interrelations, in response to long term tracking, in situ experiments and satellite tv for pc imagery. specific recognition is attracted to the impression of the topsoil organic crust in controlling water availability at local/regional scales. The interdisciplinary process followed to that end research bargains a great instance of a hugely complicated and dynamic approach, that can simply be utilized to different sandy ecosystems.

This is a invaluable resource of knowledge for soil ecologists and microbiologists, conservation biologists, wasteland ecologists and geographers, geomorphologists, soil scientists and climatologists, teachers, coverage makers and others attracted to deserts and desertification.

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As we postulated above, the Haluza-Agur dunefield probably marks the youngest and thickest invasion of sand into the Negev. Fig. 13 Stabilized slip face in the interdune of two linear dunes at Haluza Sands 40 H. Tsoar et al. Fig. 14 Aerial photograph of Haluza Sands, taken in 2003. 5 The Effect of Destruction of Vegetation on the Morphology and Dynamics of the Sand Dunes The sand dunes of the Sinai and Negev have experienced several cycles of vegetation covering and removal (Tsoar 1995; Meir and Tsoar 1996; Chap.

The second hypothesis states that the VLDs were formed first when the dunes were sparsely covered by vegetation. The transverse dunes with crescentic slip faces formed after the dunes were grazed and all the vegetation removed. The wind was funnelled along the interdune trough and there formed barchans. The crescentic slip faces are stabilized today but their form is very obvious, which indicates that activity was very recent (Figs. 14). This dune morphology is different from the morphology of the linear dunes found at Sde Hallamish and Shunra, where the interdunes are not covered with any bedform.

The crust affects the degree of surface stability, infiltration, and surface runoff rates and, consequently, is associated with 2 Geo-Ecology of the North-Western Negev Sand Field 21 spatial differences in water resources. The biological elements of the crust are mainly cyanobacteria, green algae and fungi (see Chap. 10, this volume). In areas where wet conditions prevail, such as at the base of north-facing slopes or around shrubs, mosses of the genus Bryum and Brachythecium (Lange et al. 1992) are also present.

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