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An Elementary Textbook of Psychoanalysis by Charles Brenner

By Charles Brenner

This typical advent to psycho-analysis has been completely revised to elucidate and refine the options provided, and new chapters were further. finished and lucid, Dr. Brenner's quantity is the fundamental orientation to the topic for either laymen and scholars.

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Freud, 1965). A characteristic of infantile sexuality that is of special importance should be mentioned at this point. It concerns the jokes. Regression is relationship of the child to the objects (principally persons) of his sexual longings. To take a very simple case, if the in- soon learns This catoes. or fingers own its to pacify itself by sucking to referred is itself by pacity to gratify its own sexual needs from as autoerotism. It gives the child a certain independence fant cannot always have its mother's breast, it the environment as far as obtaining gratification goes and also leaves the way open for what may be a fateful turning away from the world sive, finds If of outer reality altogether to an exces- or even an exclusive interest in the in we serious turn pathological now self, such as one conditions like schizophrenia.

The system Cs. of course designated what was conscious in the mind. Because of their functional closeness, the systems Cs. and Pes. -Pcs. in contrast to the system Ucs. The close relationship of Cs. and Pes. is easy to understand. A thought that belongs to the system Cs. at this moment, is a part of the system Pes. a few moments later, when attention has been withdrawn from it, and it is no longer conscious. , become conscious and are consequently part of the system Cs. known and studied by was natural that the prinnew contributions and discoveries which he had to Since conscious processes had been psychologists long before Freud, cipal make concerned it many the system Ucs.

Clear that the relationship between the agand the various parts of the body which we mentioned is not nearly as close as is the relation- However, it is gressive drive have just ship in the case of the sexual drive. The child of five or six example, does not actually use his penis as a weapon to any great extent; ordinarily he uses his hands, his teeth, his feet, and words. , can be shown by analysis to represent his penis in his unconscious thought. It appears, therefore, that he is unconsciously destroying his enemies with his powerful and dangerous penis.

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