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All the Power to the People: The Story of the Black Panther by Terry Cannon

By Terry Cannon

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They started doing things for the community . They didn't do it by joining· "civic committees" or police athletic clubs. They went to their people directly, with demonstrations, leaflets, newspapers and heavy rapping. C . , Slicks in Pittsburgh ) . Here's what they say in one o f their papers: And, adds Huey Newton, "To be a revolutionary nationalist , you would by necessity have to be a socialist. " The Black Panther Party does not just mouth the word socialism. They don't just say they do not hate whites.

The apartment was riddled with machinegun fire . Mark Clark , a Panther leader from Peoria, Illinois was killed by a shot through the front door. Several other Panther members wh o were staying at the house were wounded and arrested. Hanrahan and his buddies on the daily newspapers , claimed that it was a "shoot­ out ," but they have never been able to find a single bullet hole going out of the apartment . He sent photos to the news­ papers that showed "outgoing" bullet holes: the holes turned out to be the heads of nails .

Eldridge and Bobby Hutton found themselves boxed LITILE BOBBY HUTION though shooting was about to go out of style. In the dark I could not see that Little Bobby had a rifle , until it started to bark, producing a miraculous effect : the cops, cowardly pigs from their flat feet to their thick heads, all ran for cover. The few seconds that this gave us allowed us to find a door into the basement of the m: "We could not budge from that little nook because the street was filled with cops and they were pumping shots at us as 38 stacked against the wall was blown away by what sounded like machinegun fire.

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