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Advances in Piezoelectric Transducers by F. Ebrahimi

By F. Ebrahimi

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The thrombolysis transducer is used for blood clot emulsification. Due to high aspect ratio of the structure, it is also a good example to be analyzed using the FECEM theory. The acoustic pump, on the other hand, possesses a simple structure for pumping applications. The working principle is nonlinear acoustic effects of streaming and cavitation. The major advantage of the pump is the high pressure head. It might be used for sonochemistry or microfluidics. 22 Advances in Piezoelectric Transducers 8.

First, the exact method was used to designate dynamic flexibility of the mechanical subsystem. Then, the approximate method was used and obtained results were juxtaposed. 2. Fig. 2. Shape of the mechanical subsystem The equation of free vibration of the mechanical subsystem was derived in agreement with d’Alembert’s principle. The external force F(t) was neglected. Taking into account equilibrium of forces and bending moments acting on the beam’s element, after transformations a well known equation was obtained: 2 y  x, t  t 2  a4 4y  x,t  x 4 , (7) where: a4 Eb J b .

M. (2008). A model for piezo-resistive damping of two-dimensional structures. Journal of Sound and Vibration, Vol. 310, No. 4-5, (2008), pp. 865-880, ISSN: 0022-460X Fleming A. , & Reza Moheimani S. O. (2002). Optimization and Implementation of Multimode Piezoelectric Shunt Damping Systems. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, Vol. 7, No. 1, (March 2002), pp. 87-94. Gao J. , & Liao W. H. (2005). Vibration analysis of simply supported beams with enhanced self-sensing active constrained layer damping treatments.

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