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Advancement of Optical Methods in Experimental Mechanics, by Shanglei Li, Anish Poudel (auth.), Helena Jin, Cesar

By Shanglei Li, Anish Poudel (auth.), Helena Jin, Cesar Sciammarella, Sanichiro Yoshida, Luciano Lamberti (eds.)

Advancement of Optical tools in Experimental Mechanics: Proceedings of the 2013 Annual convention on Experimental and utilized Mechanics, the 3rd quantity of 8 from the convention, brings jointly contributions to this significant quarter of analysis and engineering. the gathering offers early findings and case stories on a variety of optical tools starting from conventional photoelasticity and interferometry to newer DIC and DVC strategies, and comprises papers within the following common technical learn components:

Optical metrology and displacement measurements at various scales

Digital holography and experimental mechanics

Optical dimension structures utilizing polarized mild

Surface topology

Digital photograph correlation

Optical tools for MEMS and NEMS

Three-dimensional imaging and volumetric correlation

Imaging equipment for thermomechanics applications

3D volumetric circulate dimension

Applied photoelasticity

Optical residual tension dimension techniques

Advances in imaging technologies

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Cooreman S, Lecompte D, Sol H, Vantomme J, Debruyne D (2008) Identification of mechanical material behavior through inverse modeling and DIC. Exp Mech 48(4):421–433 2. Lecompte D, Smits A, Sol H, Vantomme J, Van Hemelrijck D (2007) Mixed numerical–experimental technique for orthotropic parameter identification using biaxial tensile tests on cruciform specimens. Int J Solid Struct 44(5):1643–1656 3. Pierron F, Gre´diac M (2012) The virtual fields method. Springer, New York 4. Avril S, Bonnet M, Bretelle A-S, Gre´diac M, Hild F, Ienny P, Latourte F, Lemosse D, Pagano S, Pagnacco E, Pierron F (2008) Overview of identification methods of mechanical parameters based on full-field measurements.

In addition, the geometry of these details in the maps is also spread by convolution. The second consequence is that since such maps can be considered as maps of the actual quantity convolved by g, one can restore them and try to find the actual quantity by deconvolution. The remark concerning deconvolution is especially true for strain maps. Indeed in this case, function g generally defines a wide window in order to limit noise effect on the phase derivative. The classic route for finding the phase derivatives, namely finding first the displacements, smoothing them and differentiating the obtained result is slightly changed here by merging the first two steps.

Sutton MA, Orteu JJ, Schreier HW (2009) Image correlation for shape, motion and deformation measurements. Springer, New York 11. Reu PL (2011) Experimental and numerical methods for exact subpixel shifting. Exp Mech 51:443–452 12. org 13. Sutton MA, Yan JH, Tiwari V, Schreirer HW, Orteu JJ (2008) The effect of out-of-plane motion on 2D and 3D digital image correlation measurements. Opt Laser Eng 46:746–757 Chapter 6 The Eigenfunction Virtual Fields Method Sankara J. Subramanian Abstract The Virtual Fields Method (VFM, Pierron and Grediac, 2012) is an inverse technique for computing mechanical properties of materials from full-field deformations obtained from techniques such as Digital Image Correlation (DIC).

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