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Advance HDL Design Training On Xilinx FPGA by Yu-Tsang/Carven Chang

By Yu-Tsang/Carven Chang

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02/XLNX_HDL flow-16 Synthesizing the Design III ! CIC 7. Select the target device. 8. Modify the synthesis processing settings as desired. ! ! ! Modify the target clock frequency Select to optimize the design for speed or area Select the effort level as high or low Select whether I/O pads should be inserted for the designated top-level module Select Preserve Hierarchy to preserve the design hierarchy. This will result in producing output hierarchical netlists. Select Edit Synthesis/Implementation Constraints.

Add the design to the project ! It provides a number of language templates for basic language constructs and synthesis templates for synthesis-oriented implementation of basic functional blocks, such as multiplexers, counters, flip-flops, etc. Access the Language Assistant by selecting Tools > Language Assistant. Project > Add to Project. 5. Exit the HDL Editor. 02/XLNX_HDL flow-12 CIC Analyzing Design File Syntax ! How to analyze syntax ! ! ! CIC Syntax is checked automatically when the design is added to the project.

02/XLNX_HDL flow-14 CIC Synthesizing the Design I ! Translate the design into gates and optimize it for a target architecture. 1. Set the global synthesis options ! By selecting Synthesis > Options from the Project Manager. In the Synthesis Options dialog, you can set the following defaults: ! ! ! ! CIC FSM Encoding (One Hot or Binary) FSM Synthesis Style Export schematic Default clock frequency Export timing constraints to the place and route software Input XNF bus style 2. 02/XLNX_HDL flow-15 Synthesizing the Design II !

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