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Adsorption and Ion Exchange with Synthetic Zeolites. by Flank

By Flank

content material: the answer thought modeling of fuel adsorption on zeolites / Arthur W. Woltman and William H. Hartwig --
Mathematical modeling of adsorption in multicomponent structures / Alexander P. Mathews and Walter J. Weber, Jr. --
learn of combination equilibria of methane and krypton on 5A zeolite / K.F. Loughlin and G.D. Roberts --
obvious floor diffusion results for carbon dioxide/air and carbon dioxide/nitrogen combinations with pelleted zeolite beds / Richard T. Maurer --
impression of presorbed water at the sorption of nitrogen via zeolites at ambient temperatures / Donald Peterson --
Selective sorption houses of zeolites / R.M. Dessau --
4 crystal buildings of BaxNa₁₂₂x-A (1[less than or equivalent to] x [less than or equivalent to] 6) when it comes to the instability of barium-exchanged zeolite A towards dehydration / Yang Kim, V. Subramanian, Roger L. Firor, and Karl Seff --
The impact of oxygen of photoluminescence and resonance power move in copper (I) Y zeolite / D.H. Strome and okay. Klier --
training of copper(II)-exchanged Y zeolites from sodium and ammonium Y zeolites / Richard G. Herman and John B. Bulko --
Lead and cadmium ion trade of zeolite NaA / Elliot P. Hertzenberg and Howard S. Sherry --
Liquid section drying functions of zeolites / George W. younger, Joseph R. Kiovsky, and Pramod B. Koradia --
Separation of n-paraffins from wax distillate with supercritical fluids and molecular sieves / Paul Barton and David F. Hajnik --
Polybed pressure-swing adsorption hydrogen processing / R.T. Cassidy --
Separation of hydrogen sulfide-hydrogen combinations by way of heatless adsorption / M.D. Whitley and C.E. Hamrin, Jr. / a brand new procedure for adsorption separation of gasoline streams --
George E. Keller, II and Russell L. Jones.

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2. MATHEWS AND WEBER 39 Mathematical Modeling equation (15) i s : -Xu.. + (l+2X)u. j + 1 J Xu? + (l-2X)u j+l n - Xu, = J" 1 n + Xu? , j j - i 3-1, n = Χ M N ( ' 2 0 > + ι l + _ l /i^o i \ n+l , n+l -v'u„ (l+2v')u - v'u, j+l 3 j - l 9 j = 1, M v'u n + (l-2v')u n j+l + v'u!? 3 j - l ( η = 1, Ν 2 1 ) where, v' = Xv. The subscripts η and j i n these equations refer to the time and distance steps Δτ and Δχ, and λ = Δτ/2(Δχ)^. Ν i s the number of time steps and Mfl i s the number of distance steps. The integrals in equation (18) and (19) are evaluated using the Trapezoidal rule.

13. Yon, C. ; Turnock, P. ; AIChE Symp. , 1971, 67, 75. 14. Mathews, A. ; Weber, W. J . ; AIChE Symp. , 1977, 73, 91. 15. Brian, P. L. ; Hales, H. ; AIChE J . , 1969, 15, 419. 16. Calderbank, P. ; Moo-Young, M. ; Chem. Eng. , 1961, 16, 39. 17. , AICh 18. Levins, D. , ; Gastonbury, J. ; Chem. Eng. , 1972, 27, 537. 19. ; Johnson, A. ; Can. J. Chem. , 1962, 40, 231. 20. Mathews, A. D. Thesis, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1975. 21. Brent, R. ; "Algorithm for Finding Zeros and Extrema of a Function Without Calculating Derivatives," Stanford Uni­ versity Technical Report CS-198, Stanford, California, 1971.

The rate of adsorption of dodecyl benezene sulfonate i s faster than predicted, and for phenol, the rate i s slower than predicted. However, the shape of the pre­ dicted profiles for both solutes closely p a r a l l e l the experi­ mental curves. Similar trends may be noted i n Figure 1 6 for the adsorption rates from a 10~4 M phenol and 10"^ M dodecyl benzene sulfonate mixture. The mixture equilibrium data for these s o l ­ utes have been correlated satisfactorily. Thus, i t would appear that solute-solute interactions are affecting the diffusional flux of each solute.

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