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Act! X for dummies by Karen S. Fredricks

By Karen S. Fredricks

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Password-protect your database; I discuss this option throughout the rest of this section. Setting a password Both the database Administrator and the individual database user can set a password for the user. The theory for this is that the individual can pick a password that has some meaning to him — and so, hopefully, he doesn’t forget it. If a user does forget his password, however, the Administrator can reset it; you can see how to do that in Chapter 15. If you have access to a database and are afraid that some nasty person might use your name to gain access illegally, I recommend assigning a password to yourself, which is ridiculously easy.

However, there isn’t a global color setting; you must set the colors and fonts for each item separately in the Colors & Fonts tab. You might want to make sure that the colors you pick for the text and background colors result in a legible combination. For example, choosing black text with a black background would not be a great idea, nor would the combination of a yellow font on a white background. Calendar & Scheduling The Calendar & Scheduling tab allows you to change the way your calendars look and to determine the default for scheduling activities.

Although this step isn’t critical, it saves you from floundering around later. After doing your homework, follow these steps to add an icon to any toolbar: Chapter 3: Getting Your ACT! Together 1. From any of the ACT! screens, choose Tools➪Customize➪Menus and Toolbars. For the right-clickers in the audience, you can also give the toolbar a click with the right button of your mouse and choose Customize. 2. Click the Commands tab in the Customize Menus and Toolbars dialog box (see Figure 3-4). Figure 3-4: Customize an ACT!

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